Yes. I got hurt by many and it felt like infinite noisy weights falling on your shoulders making you curl on yourself shutting your ears off, dragging you under a black ocean filled with lies and betrayals. 

But, I found my remedy and it was easy to say and hard to achieve; forgiveness. 

Forgiveness was my redemption. 

Forgiveness was my float up after a major sinking. 

Accepting apologies from people who have destroyed me, forgiving people even when they haven’t even asked for it. Letting go healed my heart in many ways I could have never imagined. 

You’d tell me it’s not easy and not all consequences are the same. Sometimes forgiving people is hard. Sometimes it hurts too much. 

But there’s this power in forgiving, it helps to free yourself from what has been trapping you, from what has been holding you down. It’s a reminder of God’s love and faithfulness when you treat others with kindness, even when they don’t deserve it. It’s a way to the true concept of PEACE. 

Forgive and free your heart from that bitterness and pain.

Please remember, forgiving someone doesn’t mean opening the doors to your life again and giving them the keys.


She was like a the tiger very strong and ferocious. A large cat marked with black stripes, strong teeth, sharp claws in her powerful paws and a long tail that can turn on her enemies necks, to break them. She got this majestic manner of walking with many hidden skills drawing people to stop and lay eyes on this miscellaneous creature. 

She was a mystery that everyone was trying to discover. And we are always afraid of a tiger because it is very cruel and ferocious and so she is. 

She was a #RoyalBengalTiger. 

She feeds on the flesh of her own fear. She kills big beasts of weakness and sorrow. 

She sleeps by day and hunts at night.

Give love

Why does everybody live as in they were on an enormous roller coaster? 
Why does an invisible force make everyone race around in a circle without going back?People who have no wish to run with everyone else are viewed as a disgrace. Those moving in the opposite direction are considered mad, arrogant or dissidents. 

I ran with everyone in the “only right” way. I triumphed in various life competitions and accomplished many goals. 
But they meant nothing to me. What mattered was me, having the courage to put an end to this hideous race. I stopped it. I stopped it all. 

Then I drew along my own path. With my glow colorful stylo. 
I had this “logic” that was poisoned by fear it tried to push me back. But I resisted and was a tough rebellion. 
For a long time I had no success.
After a decade of intensely difficult work and prayers at my pen, artful revelations started to appear. Not illusory ones, but genuine. More and more people started to discern in my work.
My music stopped humming, jangling, crackling giving off sparks. It started to talk about what was really important. 

My writings stopped being scratched and became read by many. 

My dance sways made snakes a never hurting creatures. 

My drawings became a moving scenario. 
I ceased to be aware of time; it lost all meaning for me. 

The so-called “meaning of life” opened up before me. 

It turned out to be infinitely simple;

Reciprocal love is your reward and the meaning of life in its entirety. 

When in nature… 

He left, not knowing that I was his Oxygen, he is dying to breathe now. I ran to the arms of nature but I loved him even more because I felt free! 

When in nature; we say things that we once never even had the courage to whisper to ourselves.
We make decisions that we kept putting off and learn to say No without thinking of how cursed this word can be. But we also learn to say Yes without fearing the consequences. And damn I like it, you just risk it all by a blink of an eye. 

When in nature; we forget everything we were taught about Love, because each encounter is different and brings its own agonies and ecstasies at once ! Oh, this bittersweet love that we unconsciously look for. 

When in nature; I was humming a song while lighting up a small fire to warm my soul, I sang more loudly, because my lover was far away. I’d whisper romantic poems when he is near, even if he doesn’t listen and pays no attention to either my shouts or whispers. Nature taught us to just LOVE unconditionally. Whoever we’re loving is. It doesn’t depend on the other nor its worth. 

You are worth the feeling of being in love expecting nothing in return. 

When in nature; we don’t close our eyes to the Universe complaining about how dark it is. I kept my eyes wide open, knowing that the light could lead me to do unplanned crazy things. We breathe good air through our eyes, skin and soul. We light up the fire of passion and let it burn into our veins. 

Here I am now a heart open to love, surrendering to it without fear, because I have nothing more to lose. 

For love is what makes you smile when you’re tired. 

For love is our human nature. 

Vanilla rainbow 

Your lips glimpsed hers for the very last time, you breathed your soul in, she absorbed you like a poisoned gasoline and got infected by your love. 

A love like hers was hard to find, a love like hers was more than a simple feeling. Her love was not realistic, it was beyond human’s aptitude. 

She was the kind of love that wakes up in the middle of the night to keep you company. 

She was the kind of love with a kind listening ear when she knows you’ve had a bad day and could use some extra love to please you. 

She was an understanding savage who would play games with you, watch you smile and make you fall asleep. 

She was the kind of love seeking your happiness no matter what the sacrifices she has to make. The kind of love that would stand by you even when you feel the whole world against you. 

You poured some colors and fairytales to the apple of her eye and you left. You left, you threw her into the mud, you stepped on her pretty face, you watched her buried for the sake of love. But you had to leave and she… she got understanding. 

And here she is today blossoming innocently as a white vanilla flower. 


The moon visited the young man and told him ; 
“Let your art lead the way,

For you to get her

She’s a combination of art and slay 

And you don’t own her. 
Let your heart getaway, 

From your body to hers

She won’t hurt you anyway 

Love will grow up like burs.”
The moon went to her that night and asked her ; 
“What are you afraid of? Fall in love, throw yourself in this ocean” 
Her answer was petrifying for it has made major changes to this world; 
“The ocean is beautiful but despicable, for I love it and hate it at the same time. 

I am not afraid of falling in love. I am in love with this world! My animals, my family, my siblings and friends. I love rainbows, sunsets and hikes. 

I might fear falling in love too deeply, giving up my dreams to be his property to discover that he do not feel the same. This is how you die while you’re still breathing, this is how you swim in the ocean to nowhere and get lost. This is how you drawn and fade away while blinking your eyes. You can never recover no matter how hard you try. 

And the scariest part of all is that you never know if you’re falling for the wrong person. 
The myths narrate that the night was kept moonless for 11 years to return on 2028. #love #freedom 

To my piece of art…

I stole the peace your soul was trying to raise. I arose it by chaos instead. You loved it. A beautiful mess ahead. 

Then we fell for an innocent sin forever running in our veins. 

I’m sorry if I forgot to tell you how lovely your voice is. 

I’m sorry if I forgot to tell you how wonderful your eyes were. 

I’m sorry if I forgot to tell you how gentle your touch was and soft your skin is.

I’m sorry if I forgot to tell you how radiant your smile is. 

I’m sorry. Because I get stunned by you and become speechless. 

Forgive me, I missed the chance to show you how impressed I am by you. 

Forgive me, I used your voice as my melody and couldn’t make you hear it. 

Forgive me, I made your eyes my universe I escaped there then, left you all alone. 

I’m sorry. Forgive me. I didn’t use the opportunity to tell you that everything I hate was lovable when it came to you; 

I hated singing but it was heavenly with you.

I hated smoking but it was tasty with you. 

I hated crying but it was comfortable with you. 

I hated laughing but it was blissful with you. 

I hated living but it was the best part when it came to you. 


An inspirational piece of art. 

Sign : A ForeverWeird #love 

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