Vanilla rainbow 

Your lips glimpsed hers for the very last time, you breathed your soul in, she absorbed you like a poisoned gasoline and got infected by your love. 

A love like hers was hard to find, a love like hers was more than a simple feeling. Her love was not realistic, it was beyond human’s aptitude. 

She was the kind of love that wakes up in the middle of the night to keep you company. 

She was the kind of love with a kind listening ear when she knows you’ve had a bad day and could use some extra love to please you. 

She was an understanding savage who would play games with you, watch you smile and make you fall asleep. 

She was the kind of love seeking your happiness no matter what the sacrifices she has to make. The kind of love that would stand by you even when you feel the whole world against you. 

You poured some colors and fairytales to the apple of her eye and you left. You left, you threw her into the mud, you stepped on her pretty face, you watched her buried for the sake of love. But you had to leave and she… she got understanding. 

And here she is today blossoming innocently as a white vanilla flower. 


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